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Top 6 Moving Companies in Virginia Beach, VA (& Why We Picked Them)

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Top 6 Moving Companies in Virginia Beach, VA (& Why We Picked Them)

If you are moving to, from, or around Hampton Roads, getting the scoop on the top moving companies in Virginia Beach, VA will make your transition a lot easier.

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P.S. Don’t move anywhere without our free “Before You Move In” Checklist!

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

When you are moving to a new home or a new state, choosing the right moving company for your needs is imperative. The most helpful lists (like this one, we hope) of moving companies will provide numerous reliable mover recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

Before picking a moving company, consider these questions:

  • Are you moving locally or long-distance?

  • What is your budget for a moving company?

  • Is your move residential or commercial?

  • What is the square footage of the building or rooms you are moving out of?

  • Do you need to hire assistance for packing, wrapping furniture, or loading/unloading the moving vehicle?

  • Do you have any delicate or bulky items to move, such as a piano or fine art?

Having the answers to these questions ready will help you choose the best moving company for your needs and get the most accurate estimate on moving company prices.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Moving Company in Virginia Beach

To provide you with a list of the best moving companies in Virginia Beach, VA, we considered these five important qualities: cost, licensing, customer satisfaction, years in business, and moving services offered.


While it’s impossible to rank moving companies from the cheapest to the most expensive because of the range of services that each provides, the cost for your particular move could vary widely. Many companies offer free estimates that can help you compare apples to apples.

If you’re making a local move, expect to pay somewhere around $150-300 per hour for the average move. If you’re heading out of state or have a substantial amount of inventory to move, you might get a quote by weight or lineal foot.

Other factors to your quote can be travel fees and mileage charges. Be sure to ask for all fees to be included in your quote and give as specific information as possible for the most accurate estimate.

Licensing and Insurance

It’s essential that you hire movers with proper licensing and insurance in place. The top movers in Virginia Beach will have a Certificate of Fitness, which allows them to offer moving services traveling 31+ miles in Virginia. You can even check to make sure your company of choice has one at the DMV website. (For shorter moves, the DMV can offer permits to movers with purely local services.)

Moving companies in Virginia Beach and throughout the state are required to have at least a $750,000 policy and appropriate Cargo Coverage for every move. If the company handles items like automobiles and lawnmowers, they should have a policy of at least $1,000,000.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to choosing any service, there’s nothing quite like a customer review to give you insights. Make sure to read up on testimonials from others who have used each moving company's services. Some great places to look for these are Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. You can also ask for recommendations (or warnings) in a social media group for your local community.

Years in Business

Start-up companies can be great, too. If, however, you have a large or complicated move (or have a lot of opinions on how you’d like things handled during the process), it could be beneficial to pick a company with lots of experience.

Moving Services Offered

Moving companies in Virginia Beach, VA and other parts of the world are each going to have a unique list of services they offer. Consider carefully what you’ll need from your moving company. Providing them with all the details from the start will get you the most accurate quote.

Click to skip down to a complete list of moving services you might have available to you.

Is the Cheapest Mover in VA Beach Going to Be Right for Me?

Because there are so many variables to each move and the services offered by each moving company, comparing one to another isn’t always black and white. And just because you believe you found the cheapest mover in Virginia Beach, that doesn’t mean they will be able to give you a satisfactory service experience.

Here are a few ways to make your experience with a moving company as cheap as possible:

  • Have accurate information ready so your quote will be as precise as it can be.

  • The more you can do yourself, the cheaper the moving company bill will be. If you can pack, wrap, load, and provide your own supplies, you’ll avoid extra fees and charges.

  • Compare flat rate costs and hourly rates. If they charge by the hour, plan your move to avoid rush hour delays – especially if you are going through the HRBT.

  • Move on a weekday when movers are less in-demand.

What Moving Services Can I Find in Virginia Beach?

Services offered vary from company to company, so be sure to consult your mover early to make sure they can accommodate all your needs.

Here are the different services you can find from the best moving companies in Virginia Beach (some of which may require additional fees):

  • Local-to-local moving

  • Out-of-state moving

  • Residential moves

  • Commercial moves (office and business)

  • Vehicle transport

  • Providing moving supplies

  • Providing wrapping material/wrapping furniture

  • Loading/unloading the moving truck

  • Carrying items long distances/up additional stairs

  • Storage facilities/temporary storage

  • Packing assistance

  • Unpacking assistance

  • Furniture staging

  • Assembly/disassembly

  • Piano moving

  • Junk removal and disposal

  • Donation pickups and recycling

  • Appliance disconnection and reconnection

  • Handling fine art and antiques

  • Handling bulky items (hoisting and rigging)

  • Moving equipment rental

  • Split pick-up/delivery from multiple locations

  • Expedited delivery

  • Exclusive truck use (only your belongings on the truck)

List of Top 6 Moving Companies in Virginia Beach

Why We Like Absolute Moving Company

  • They’ve been serving Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads since 1998 and have been the Virginia Pilot’s “Best of Gold” winner for over 10 years.

  • They handle moves of all sizes – from one piece of furniture to residential moves to commercial!

  • They have an easy-to-read list of their services, which include providing packing boxes and assembling your furniture.

  • They offer financing options for payment.

  • They are BBB-certified and have solid ratings on Google Reviews, Angi, and Yelp.

Cost for Absolute Moving Company

Absolute Moving Company in Virginia Beach offers free flat-rate estimates where they come to your home and give you a firm quote, and they also offer hourly rates that vary from $185-$325/hour, depending on how many crew members are needed to move you and any add-on services.

We got a quick response from Absolute when inquiring about moving a 3-bedroom house locally (from Virginia Beach to Chesapeake). Though an in-home walkthrough will get you the most accurate price, they estimated that a job like this with help loading and unloading the truck would likely cost anywhere from $1500-$2500. We loved that they were able to give us a general idea – and offered a free on-site estimate once they viewed our inventory!

Absolute Moving Company provides Hampton Roads residents with free estimates!

Why We Like College HUNKS Moving Company

  • They offer a wide range of moving services, from local moves to long-distance moves.

  • They offer options for quick and easy junk removal that include eco-friendly recycling and donating.

  • They have active partnerships with charities like Habitat for Humanity and U.S. Hunger.

  • Their acronym of HUNKS stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, and Service.

  • Their Google reviews are impressive (4.8 at the time of writing this) with a focus on exemplary service.

Cost for College Hunks Moving Company

Though we couldn’t get an instant quote from College Hunks, they do provide lots of services at hourly rates. These include furniture moving, packing, staging your home, and even light demolition. Their free estimate process allows you to input tons of details online or by phone, so your quote should be pretty accurate and organized.

This moving company is very clear about certain factors that are calculated into your quote: time and gas costs to get to your move origin and destination and back to their office, any assembly or disassembly of items needed, furniture arrangements needed upon move-in, and date of service are a few.

Get a free estimate from College Hunks today!

Why We Like Friendly and Affordable Mover

  • They do local and long-distance moves of all sizes, with moving crews of up to 25 people to assist.

  • They’ve been serving Hampton Roads for over 25 years.

  • They won “Best of Hampton Roads” from 2004-2021 and are certified with the BBB and Chamber of Commerce.

  • They offer loading and unloading services for rental trucks, storage areas, and PODS.

  • They have temporary storage available if needed.

Cost for Friendly and Affordable Mover

Friendly and Affordable Mover was the Virginia Beach moving company that gave us the quickest response to our quote request. While they again said an inventory list or walk-through would be most accurate, they told us that a 3-bedroom house local move would likely fall into their 3-movers-for-3-hours rate. This has a base fee of $850.00 for three hours, after which there’s a prorated $200/hour rate added on if you need more time.

We loved learning that the clock doesn’t start with this company until the movers arrive on-site, and it ends when they finish unloading the last item at your destination. The truck, equipment, fuel, taxes, and insurance are all included. Friendly uses their own trucks and their own workers.

You can get a free estimate from Friendly and Affordable Mover on your next move!

Why We Like the Moving Company Ltd.

  • They can help with local and long-distance moves.

  • The BBB gave them an A+ rating, and they have 5.0 stars on Google Reviews as of August 2023.

  • They partner with charitable organizations through donations.

  • They're a local, family-owned business since 2017 that takes time to train their employees in-house.

  • They provide a clear price sheet with costs breakdown once you send your inventory list.

Cost for The Moving Company Ltd.

Most of the time, The Moving Company in Virginia Beach offers an hourly rate for local moves. The rate is calculated based on the number of workers needed and trucks required. If you don’t want an in-home estimate, they can take an inventory list or photos of your inventory to give you a good idea of what your cost will be.

As of 2023, a 2,000-square-foot home with 3 bedrooms and no stairs would likely either mean a 3-person crew (at $175/hour) or 4-person crew (at $200/hour). This includes a minimum of two hours labor, shrink wrap and blankets, carts, straps, and tools if furniture needs to be disassembled and reassembled. They have an additional flat rate for truck use of $200 per truck per day. You can pay with a credit card for a processing fee, and don’t forget that oversized items like pianos, ellipticals, and golf carts may incur an extra fee.

Get a free quote from The Moving Company today!

Why We Like Tidal Town Moving

  • They’ve served all seven cities of Hampton Roads since 2019.

  • They are experienced in both residential and commercial moves.

  • Their offered services include loading, unloading, and furniture assembly.

  • They have strong reviews on Google and Facebook and are accredited with the BBB.

  • Though they are just licensed for local moves, they coordinate and work with a sister company called Wildcat Van Lines for out-of-state moves.

Cost for Tidal Town Moving

Tidal Town doesn’t offer an instant quote online, but if you request an estimate, they will send you a detailed questionnaire so that you know you’re getting a pretty accurate price. We also love that they are very up-front about their fees and don’t charge extra for things like furniture pads, shrink wrap, and dollies.

They provide multiple insurance options and have a 2-hour minimum for each move. Like Friendly and Affordable Mover, their hourly clock only starts when they arrive and stops when they set down the last item moved. There is a flat travel fee assessed in your bill. Tidal Town takes cash, debit, or credit (with a processing fee for credit).

Get your free moving estimate from Tidal Town Moving on your next move!

Why We Like Two Men and a Truck Moving Company

  • They’ve got locations in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and Newport News in addition to nationwide bases.

  • They offer a wide range of services including packing services, junk removal, and business moving.

  • They have various options for storage if you need it.

  • We adore their Grandma Rule: “To treat everyone the way you would want your grandma to be treated.”

Cost for Two Men and a Truck Moving Company

This is another company that didn’t provide an instant quote, but they do have an estimate form on their website that really digs into the nitty gritty. You can even estimate the number of boxes in each room to make your quote super-accurate – or you can skip that or talk with a representative about your inventory over the phone.

For local services, Two Men and a Truck will give you an hourly rate for your move. Long-distance moves are heavily regulated by the Department of Transportation, and this national company adheres to all weight and mileage considerations. Their experienced move consultants work closely with each customer so that your estimate will be accurate, and they can do in-home consultations to confirm as well.

Get your free estimate and have Two Men and a Truck help you on your next move!

The Bottom Line

Determining the cheapest moving company in Virginia Beach will highly depend on the details of your move, but we’re confident that one of these top Hampton Roads movers will be able to provide excellent services for your relocation. Have your inventory list ready and get your own free quotes to find the best fit for your move!


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