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Are you looking to break into the real estate investing world or wanting to expand your current investment portfolio?

Why invest with CGP
Real Estate?



Having assisted clients in the purchase, management and sale of hundreds of investment properties in the greater Hampton Roads area, CGP Real Estate is a reliable and trusted partner to clients seeking to build wealth through

real estate.  


Owning and Operating
a Short-Term Rental

Short-term rentals (STR) are fully-furnished properties that rent for less than 30 days and are subject to local and state government taxes. This investment type offers higher financial returns at increased risk. Hampton Roads, with its diverse geography and many popular beaches, has been a short-term rental destination for over 50 years. Thanks to rental platforms like AirBnb, the demand for STRs has continued to increase and make Virginia Beach's rental market thrive. 

Purchasing a Single-Family or Multi-Family Investment Property

Owning single and/or multi-family investment properties are a great way to begin to grow an investment portfolio by adding additional monthly income as well as steadily increasing appreciation of the property itself. This type of investment offers less risk and more predictable reward. With its extensive array of desirable locations, thriving industries and diverse population, Virginia Beach (and the greater Hampton Roads area) is uniquely primed for residential real estate investments.

1031 Exchange

A Section 1031 exchange is defined as the swapping of one investment property for a like-kind property to avoid or significantly reduce capital gains tax to be paid at the time of exchange. This allows your financial investment to continue to grow with capital gains taxes deferred to increase cashflow and  provide an investor a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolio. 


This type of property exchange is highly regulated, thus it is  recommended for property owners to work with a investment professional with experience in 1031 exchanges to guide the transaction successfully.  Our agents at CGP have years of experience in this specific area of investment, know the process, have the relationships and ability to facilitate from transaction to operation. 


Schedule a free consultation today with no obligation!  Let us help walk you through what investment type is best for you and your property. 


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