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           Scott Westfall is a licensed realtor and real estate consultant, partnering with clients to grow their knowledge, understanding, and ability to leverage real estate assets as  long-term investments to meet their

personal financial goals.


  After 8+ years of experience in vacation rentals, property management, and real estate sales in Hampton Roads, Scott believes a paradigm shift in the industry is needed in how we approach real estate transactions. 

  Scott's unique background, network, resources and tailored skill-set enables him to offer superior personalized services that expand beyond a single transaction to meet the needs of a first time homebuyer or seasoned investor. 

  Whether you are looking to buy a home your family, provide a home to others, or just dreaming of a home, let us show you your investment potential that you can be confident in. 


 Scott is a native of Dallas, Texas, a Virginia Wesleyan graduate, and currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife, Lillie, and their dogs, Boomer and Nellie.  


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