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  • Scott Westfall

Coolest Home Upgrades During the Last Weeks of Summer

Updated: Jun 25

Trying to decide what home updates and upgrades you can make this summer? Use the remaining weeks wisely by updating your house with these DIY projects!


Summer holds the most adventurous months of the year in Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads. The delightfully warm temperatures sprinkle around us, the sun comes out from behind the clouds, there are tons of get-togethers and activities, and everyone is outside taking it all in.

Cookouts bring deliciously grilled foods, late-night fires carry the desserts, and camping out in a tent seems to be a great way to get a restful eight hours of sleep.

But what do cookouts, late night fires, and (sometimes) camping all have in common? They can all be done in the comfort of your yard, in the summer, when it’s warm out.

As you welcome guests and commune with your family, prepare your home for the ideal summer with some easy home improvements to make in and around your property.

Besides our list of simple ways to increase your home’s value, here are the best things you can easily add to your home during these months of beautiful weather!

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Set Up A Firepit


Who doesn’t love good ole’ s’mores? All it takes is a firepit, fire sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

The great thing about a firepit is that you can head to your local hardware or home improvement store and purchase an affordable or rather expensive one, depending on the quality you’re looking for. Or, you can grab a solo stove with a protective stainless steel sheath that’s small for intimate gatherings. Even with a pre-made furnace device, you can load up on stones and bricks and make your own DIY pit in the backyard that everyone will love.

Design An Outdoor Movie Theater Layout

Going to the movies is always a good time, but it’s not so easy to get a big group together at one location. Not to mention movie theater prices - along with all the snacks and drinks - can break the bank.

An at-home outdoor movie theater isn’t too expensive to purchase and set up - and it lasts you quite a long time! Buy the projector that suits you, hang up a white projector sheet, get the sound system rolling, and hook up the AV receiver. From there, pick the movie you and your crew want to watch on a given night and let the film roll.

Be careful that the weather doesn’t say “chance of rain,” though, as this could pose a problem for all of your equipment.

Cool Down With A Pool


The kids always ask for it and the parents always claim it’s more of a hassle than fun. But if we’re being completely honest, a pool is a great place to spend most summer days - especially those that are excruciatingly hot.

Now, you don’t have to make the huge inground pool investment. An above-ground pool will keep you cool just as well! And if you’re not sure whether or not the family will use it enough, try out a temporary pool for the first year. There are plenty of these options around, starting at three feet high and usually ending at about five feet high.

Plus, luxurious touches like these make for a great investment in your real estate portfolio!

Opt For A Trampoline

Trampolines are great exercise and they help get a breeze flowing through your hair on a sunny summer day. Just remember to drink lots of water between jumping sessions - dehydration is not your friend in 80- or 90-degree weather.

The Bottom Line

There are some great ways you can upgrade your property to make the most of summer vacation for your family. Pair a trampoline with a pool and you’ll have the time of your life right in the backyard. Jump around for a bit, get sweaty, take a deep dive, and cool off. Later, curl up by the fire for some s’mores and watch a late-night comedy. All four would be so dreamy, wouldn’t it?


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