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  • Scott Westfall

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value in 2024

Updated: Apr 26

Let’s be honest: if you own a home, your goal is not only to maintain its value, but to increase it.

Increase your home's value in 2024

Many homeowners believe they need to make big updates (i.e., a full kitchen remodel) to effectively increase the value of their home. But in fact, simple efforts are often overlooked and underappreciated that can significantly impact the profitability of your home when you eventually sell it.

Let’s take a look at four easy ways to maintain and increase your home’s value.

Complete your routine maintenance.

It may seem like common sense, but keeping up with simple chores around your property can make a big difference in the long run - and is often neglected. By completing tasks like these regularly, you prevent the need for bigger repairs down the road:

  • Replacing your air filters regularly

  • Re-caulk as needed around your shower or bathtub to prevent moisture damage

  • Clean or repair tile grout in your bathrooms, showers, vanities, and tubs

  • Cleaning out your dryer vent annually

  • Doing a semi-annual deep clean of your home

These are a few good places to start with your routine maintenance. Jot down some days on your calendar for these small tasks to make sure your home’s value stays up to snuff.

Schedule your regular inspections.

Everyone hates home insurance until you need it. If you aren’t checking for vermin and issues with your major systems regularly, you may very well end up with an emergency repair that hits your budget hard. Here are a few inspections that should be done annually (or more if the property needs it):

  • Pest control

  • HVAC

  • Chimney

  • Boiler

Keep up with cosmetic updates.

Keeping your property looking fresh by making cosmetic updates over time is much more cost-effective than having to do them all at once when you go to sell. We often see homes on the market that sell for a lower price than would be necessary if the owners simply invested in some small cosmetic repairs. Minor updates will maintain your home’s value, such as:

  • New lighting fixtures

  • Fresh paint

  • Replacing outlets, outlet covers, and light switches with a more modern color

  • Updating door hardware

  • Updating bathroom fixtures

Here are 6 trending features that you can start with to make your home extra appealing.

Invest in wise landscaping.

Be sure not to neglect the exterior of your home if you want its value to remain strong. Not only will a nicely landscaped home provide that all-important first impression and curb appeal to potential buyers, but it can prevent serious issues from occurring. Here’s where to start:

  • Clean out the gutters

  • Keep weeds at bay

  • Create a usable outdoor living space

  • Clean up your garden beds

  • Keep trees and growth away from the house

Steps like these can protect your roof, minimize moisture in unwanted places, and keep termites away. Giving the outside of your property proper attention is key to maximizing your return on investment.


Increasing your home’s value doesn’t have to mean a major remodel. Simple steps like these will prevent future damage, maintain the condition of your home, and even increase its value over time. And if you go to sell, you’ll be able to fetch a better price and sell more quickly!

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