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Tidewater Insurance Brokers | CGP Contractor Highlight

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Homeowners insurance is a must-have for home buyers - lenders won’t hand over the money needed to buy a home until you have it. This type of property insurance covers you and your losses if your residence is damaged, and also can cover lawsuits (like if your big German Shepherd bites the mailman!).

At CGP, we know that having a reliable insurance broker can save you hundreds on homeowners insurance and remove the headache of finding the best rates.

That’s why we interviewed Tidewater Insurance Brokers, a local insurance agency committed to providing Hampton Roads residents with competitive insurance rates. They want to see Virginia Beach and its neighboring cities thrive, and do their part by caring for people and property well. Tidewater Insurance Brokers are “for the Tidewater!”

Tidewater Insurance Brokers is based in Virginia Beach, VA and specializes in home and auto insurance.

Here’s what we learned from Tidewater Insurance Brokers:

Q: What kinds of insurance do you work with?

A: We specialize in home and auto insurance, but we also work with local businesses for their commercial insurance needs.

Q: How does working with an insurance broker work?

A: In order to provide our clients with the best rates available, we get quotes from 10 or more carriers and advise clients toward the best rates for them.

Q: Our CGP readers would like to know a bit more about homeowners insurance.

Who needs it, and why?

Homeowners insurance protects you from major incidents like fire and flood.

A: To buy a home, your lender will require you to have homeowners insurance so that the property they are investing in is fully covered against damages. It’s also a great thing to have in places like Virginia Beach when those hurricanes roll in and your yard floods!

Q: Lenders actually end up paying the homeowners insurance on behalf of a buyer, and then add the cost to their monthly mortgage payments. Why is that?

A:The lender is protecting their investment by including the cost of the homeowners insurance in the mortgage payment. That way, their investment isn’t at risk of you failing to make insurance payments.

Q: What makes Tidewater Insurance Brokers different from other providers? A: We are focused on being highly competitive with large providers (such as State Farm, All State, etc.) while remaining locally focused and motivated. We are committed to providing the best for the Tidewater region!

Q: Tell us about some of the experience your team brings to the insurance world.

A: Our owners came from diverse backgrounds. One was the Director of Sales for a company that sold insurance to pro, minor league, and college sports teams. Another managed a law firm, termite company, and a residential real estate business. Their extensive experience enriches our ability to serve our clients to the best possible degree!

Q: What would you like CGP readers to know about your company? A: We love insurance, for real. The word insurance means “to make whole again.” We take that seriously and are committed to making sure you are served well when you lose something.

Also - we don’t charge a service fee for insurance quotes! Q: How can our readers get in touch? A: Give us a call today at 757-300-9833 or use this online tool to get a quote from us today!


Tidewater Insurance Brokers offers free quotes to make sure that your Hampton Roads home gets the best and most affordable coverage.

As real estate professionals, one of the greatest assets we can provide clients is a network of reliable professional contractors who help make purchasing a home effortless. Give us a call for free recommendations on other service contractors in Hampton Roads.

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