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Next Door Photos | CGP Recommended Contractor

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Professional-grade photos of your real estate property are a necessity when selling your home. Homes with top-quality pictures on their listings get 61% more views and sell 32% faster.

At CGP, we know that having a next-door photographer who knows the local real estate market can make a huge difference when crafting the visual story for a listing. Whether you’re a seasoned Realtor® or selling your home by owner, make sure you hire a professional who knows the housing business to capture your property.

This month, CGP interviewed Adam Puckett, local Hampton Roads owner of Next Door Photos, who provide “Next Door Service, Next Day Delivery” on their products… and who are even making an impact in the lives of human trafficking victims.

Next Door Photos Virginia Beach Real Estate Photography Logo

Here’s what we learned from Next Door Photos:

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: NDP has been locally owned and operated since 2016. Our Virginia Beach branch launched in August of 2020.

Q: Tell us more about your mission.

A: At NDP, we promise “Next Door Service, Next Day Delivery.”

In a nutshell, our mission is to provide high-quality marketing products to the greater real estate industry as conveniently as possible while solving problems and creating positive relationships.

Agents and real estate brokers want to work with photographers that are familiar with their area and that understand their local real estate market. That is why we partner with people in the community to launch new locations and provide “next door service.”

We are the only company that guarantees free next-day delivery in Hampton Roads on almost every product. We understand that your time is valuable and that the sooner you receive your media, the sooner you can list the property.

Q: How is NDP serving a bigger purpose in the world?

A: In solving the problem of providing speed and efficiency to our clients, we uncovered a problem within the problem: a supply chain filled with corruption, destruction, & exploitation.

We set out to solve this problem by creating a redemptive supply chain - partnering with companies like NDP Edits who are making an impact around the world. Each shoot provides up to 4 hours of editing work for those rescued from human trafficking, at severe risk of exploitation, or who are members of underserved populations globally.

NDP was awarded B Corp Certification in 2017 to obtain 3rd-party verification for our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. A portion of bottom line profits have been reinvested into communities we service since 2015.

Drone photo of property in West Ocean View Norfolk taken by Next Door Photos Virginia Beach

Q: What special training do your photographers have?

A: Our photographers are highly trained - you can expect high-quality photos and media no matter when you book us or where you are located. We also have a licensed local drone pilot!

Q: Why should an agent or homeowner hire you over the competitor?

A: Being part of a larger network of global editing partners allows us to provide next-day turnaround on nearly every product, affordable pricing, and products of the highest quality.

Agents waste too much time and money waiting for photos to publish their listings. We can get photos to you the next day, guaranteed – so you can be free to list more.

We believe that quality, professional real estate media should be affordable. There’s no fine print to read through or hidden fees in our pricing. We do not charge extra for next-day delivery, blue-sky replacement, or travel surcharge fees.

Q: Do you have a same-day delivery option?

A: Oh yeah! Same day delivery is offered for only $50.

Q: What is your booking process?

A: Our on-demand scheduling platform allows for a seamless booking experience with as little as 2-hour lead times! You can book an appointment online in one minute, it only takes one appointment for all of your listing media, and it’s professionally edited and delivered within one day.

Exterior photo of a single family home for sale in Virginia Beach by Adam Puckett

Our booking process is as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Select your photo package

2. Choose a date/time

3. Pick your add ons

Our process is tailored to fit the needs of every real estate agent or Realtor. Does your client want a video walkthrough or a 3D Matterport tour? No problem! Just add-on any of our extra services to your package for a discounted rate. We clearly lay out how many photos you should order based on the square footage of the property, so you never end up paying for doubles or triples of photos you don’t need.

Q: What would you like CGP readers to know about your company?

A: NDP is a company they can be proud to work with. Reach out to us to start a conversation about how we can serve your real estate photography needs.

Q: Where can they find you?

A. Head right over to!

Interior photo of a kitchen for a real estate listing. Photo by Next Door Photos Virginia Beach

And don’t forget - CGP readers get exclusive contractor discounts like 20% off your first shoot with Next Door Photos! Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out.

Make sure your property is prepped for listing photos and tours with these 4 tips.


Next Door Photos Virginia Beach offers quick, quality professional photography for your real estate listings. That’s why they are a CGP-Recommended Contractor.

As real estate professionals, one of the greatest assets we can provide clients is a network of reliable professional contractors who help make owning & managing a property effortless. Give us a call for free recommendations on other service contractors in Hampton Roads.

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