• Scott Westfall

3 Keys to Selling Your Home Quickly in 2021

Updated: Mar 5

Getting your home ready to sell in the 2021 market? Looking for tips on how to sell your home quickly? You’ve come to the right blog post.

Tips for selling your home quickly in Hampton Roads
"Price, location, and condition are the core foundations to all real estate transactions."

As an owner of real property looking to sell your home, there are three key items that you can control to quickly drive a sale:

1. Price: Is your property listed at the right price? Too high and no one will walk through the doors, too low and you might be selling yourself short.

  • Contact local real estate professionals or real estate consultants to help you confidently price your property to sell or rent quickly.

  • Pull comparable listings, active and recently sold. “Comparable” in this case can be determined by bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and location. These will give you a good idea of the price range you can expect for your home.

  • Consider the condition of the market when developing your pricing strategy to sell your home quickly - another great discussion to have with a real estate consultant.

2. Location: You can’t change your property’s location, but you can control your marketing strategy based on your location.

  • Remember - location affects both price & market time.

  • No matter the price range, properties tend to sell more quickly in a locale with a hot market - one where housing inventory is low and demand for properties is high.

  • Are you close to the beach, shopping, work, downtown? Highly desirable areas typically drive higher property sales prices. Capitalize on the perks of your location when marketing the property to help it sell more quickly.

3. Condition: Is your property in good shape? Presentation can make a huge difference: even not-so-updated homes can be presented well and make a good impression to potential buyers, helping speed up the sale process.

  • First impressions matter. If it’s immediately clear your property has been well taken care of, your chances improve to secure a buyer during their first walk through.

  • A property in poor condition leaves questions in buyers’ minds. Is it really worth what they are asking for? Is there more work that I can’t see?

  • Set yourself up well: freshen up any out of date fixtures, ensure your property is clean, and put your best foot forward. The details matter during property viewings.


It may seem simple, but it’s the truth: price, location, and condition are the core foundations to all real estate transactions. Focus on these tips as you get your home ready to sell quickly.

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