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Conner Services, Inc. [Plumbing & HVAC] | CGP Recommended

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Looking for a reliable, affordable plumber in Virginia Beach, VA? Need an emergency HVAC repair? CGP provides recommendations for plumbers, HVAC professionals, and other contractors so you can get the best service.

Having the best plumber and HVAC technician you can get is essential for minimizing stress as a homeowner or investor. Just ask anyone who has had sewage back up in their shower or an A/C failure in mid-July.

This month CGP is featuring the HVAC, gas, and plumbing company Conner Services, Inc., whose unparalleled customer service and dedication to quality make them the best of the best in Virginia Beach. Here's our interview with owners Matt & Liz Conner.

The Best Plumber and HVAC Tech in Hampton Roads

Q. Who is Conner Services, Inc.?

A. We are your local family-owned plumbing/heating/air conditioning/gas experts, here to provide our family of customers and employees with professional, prompt, and reliable service while building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Our family business has been in operation since 1978, serving Virginia Beach, VA and all of Hampton Roads with HVAC, plumbing, and more.

Q. What makes working in Virginia Beach special to you?

A. We are 3rd-generation owners and have been in business for 44 years, serving mainly Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. This is our home, and we value the legacy left by those before us and want to continue serving our customers for years to come.

Q. What qualifications make you the best plumbing and HVAC contractors?

A. We are licensed Class B contractors with specialty licenses in gas fitting (GFC), heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVA), and plumbing (PLB). Our commitment to quality means we prioritize training!

Q. So what do you specialize in?

A. We serve Hampton Roads residents and businesses with all their heating, air conditioning, gas, and plumbing needs. Here are some reasons you might call on our quality services:

  • HVAC: installation, preventative maintenance, repairs

  • Plumbing: installation, plumbing fixture repairs, drain cleaning, piping, water lines, sewer lines

  • Gas: installation, repairs (fireplaces, logs, gas lines)

  • Preventative maintenance planning

Q. Do you handle permits when necessary?

A. Yes, we will pull the required permits when necessary for the customer, depending on the scope of work.

Q. What makes you the best in Virginia Beach?

A. We truly view our work as a way to serve our clients, and we are excited to do so! This attitude allows us to prioritize your home, rental property, or business. We combine our use of the highest quality parts and equipment with our dedication to delivering exceptional service to make sure you are getting the best.

Q. What makes Conner Services stand out from other HVAC contractors and plumbers?

A. We have extensive experience servicing both residential and commercial properties. In addition, we offer our clients a variety of money-saving solutions to protect their bottom line as well.

Q. Speaking of saving money - what can readers expect when calling you for an estimate?

A. We don’t charge a service call fee for estimates. Matt Conner, our owner and Licensed Master Tradesman, usually quotes the jobs and oversees the work being done by our technicians. Our fee for a 1-hour service call is $125 plus any materials needed to complete the job.

Oh yeah, and we’re offering CGP’s subscribers $25 off their next HVAC, plumbing, or gas service!

Q. What happens if a customer has an emergency?

When needed, we provide 24-hour emergency services in addition to our prompt, reliable routine scheduled service.

Q. What else do you want CGP’s readers to know about your company?

A. We’re satisfied when our customers are satisfied. We will personally work with you to determine the very best solution for your home, rental property, or business. Our staff are dedicated service professionals and believe taking the time to understand your specific needs is a priority.

Also, we offer a 1-year labor warranty on our work and want to make sure our customers are happy with the services provided.

Q. How can our readers get in touch?

A. We would love to hear how we can serve you! We have 24 hour phone service, and we also accept email and online/social media requests. Call us today at (757) 463-1597 or reach out to us via our Facebook page!

The Bottom Line

Conner Services offers professional and reliable services to their customers across Hampton Roads, and CGP wholeheartedly recommends them for your next plumbing or HVAC repair!

Get $25 off your next HVAC, plumbing, gas service in Hampton Roads when you subscribe to CGP’s monthly newsletter!

As real estate professionals, one of the greatest assets we can provide clients is a network of reliable professional contractors who help make purchasing a home effortless. Give us a call for our best recommendations on other service providers in Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads.

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Lionel Hasenberg
Lionel Hasenberg
May 06

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