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5 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Consultant to Buy Your Next Home in 2023

Updated: Jun 12

Photo of sunset on beach with text overlay "5 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Consultant to Buy Your Next Home" from CGP Real Estate Consulting
Learn how you can benefit from working with a real estate consultant to purchase your next home.

The 2023 housing market won't be an easy place for those looking to purchase a home. When the monumental task of buying a house is before you, should you consider using a real estate consultant over the average real estate agent? Deciding whom to trust and where to get the information to guide you are crucial first steps in the home-buying process.

According to 2019 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, over 50% of all homebuyers in 2018 searched online for available properties or information on the home-buying process prior to contacting an agent. Savvy investors can even purchase a cash-flowing property online without an agent through websites like roofstock.

With the internet making it easy for you to identify your dream home, why do you need a real estate professional to help you buy your next home? What is the true value of a real estate professional in the home-buying process, and is there a better option?

Real estate consultants offer a unique, holistic perspective that can be invaluable to the decision-making process. Their in-depth knowledge of the 2023 market and focus on protecting your bottom line in current and future transactions will give you the confidence that you crave regarding your home-buying decision.

Real estate consultants at CGP are licensed brokers in Virginia Beach. So, how can we help you in your home-buying process?

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a real estate consultant when buying a home or investment property:

1. Real estate consultants help you to strategize to effectively meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Yes, you deserve to find a property to serve your immediate needs and be a space that is perfect for you and your family. Life happens and plans change. Will your perfect property now set you up for financial success when it is time to move on? Is it better to buy now or rent for a while?

Real estate consultants help you find your now while planning for your future.

2. Real estate consultants will provide a valuable and transparent property assessment.

While offering the same services as a realtor, a real estate consultant also has the tools, experience, and knowledge to provide trusted comparative market analysis throughout your entire search process. After identifying the perfect property, consultants have the trained eye to spot potential hefty costs to avoid and potential advantages to explore.

Know what you are buying, and mitigate unforeseen risks before you make an offer.

3. Real estate consultants prioritize honest communication.

So you think you have identified the perfect property. Do you trust your agent to tell you if it’s a bad deal? Not only do real estate consultants communicate quickly and effectively, but they also do not shy away from telling you the truth to protect your bottom line.

4. Real estate consultants can help you negotiate better terms of the sale.

Real estate consultants understand where money is made and lost in real estate transactions. At CGP Real Estate Consulting, we help you structure and negotiate deals that make sense for you, no matter if you are buying your first home, your first multi-family property, or your tenth investment property this year.

5. Real estate consultants provide you with the tools and local network you need to be successful.

Real estate consultants offer proprietary tools to assist in wise decision-making during the buying process, such as vacation rental performance analysis, rental property calculators, and in-depth market analysis. Their connections to trusted local service providers such as home inspectors, contractors, and property managers give you the confidence to move forward with your investment.

The Bottom Line:

CGP Real Estate Consulting is dedicated to empowering clients toward confident real estate investment and advisement in Hampton Roads, Virginia. During your home-buying process, we consider your personal goals, provide honest and timely communication, and protect your financial bottom line with access to extensive knowledge of the purchase process and greater Hampton Roads market. We are excited to go on this journey with you!

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