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  • Scott Westfall


Updated: Jun 26

Staying in a short-term rental home, Airbnb, Vrbo, or Homestay for SOMETHING IN THE WATER? Here are seven things to keep in mind when renting a home during this year's festival in Virginia Beach, VA.

(If you are looking to list your property for rent for SITW, check out our post on that here.)

SOMETHING IN THE WATER Renter's Dos and Don’ts

  • Do soak in the local culture of Virginia Beach —there are many great attractions, restaurants, and experiences surrounding the festival area!

  • Don’t use your rental as the “pre-game” or “after-party” spot. Virginia Beach has specific occupancy regulations on the use of rental homes during events, so be sure to respect the property.

  • Do use your rental as a place for you and the registered guests to rest and relax.

  • Don’t invite guests over who are not registered with the landlord. No one who isn’t a registered guest should be there overnight without the owner’s permission.

  • Do respect all rules and regulations that the owner has put in place, and follow all city, state, and federal laws.

  • Do have the time of your life!

The Bottom Line

Come prepared to have a great time at SOMETHING IN THE WATER and soak in all the culture, community, and great music. However, remember that your host will review you as a guest after your stay, which could impact who is willing to rent to you on your next getaway. Respect the property, be mindful of your neighbors, and enjoy all that Virginia Beach has to offer.


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