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CGP Real Estate: Behind the Name

Updated: Jun 26

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, you’ll typically find that real estate is a world of self-promotion with bold-font names on yard signs, social media posts, mailers and websites. After all, real estate is as much a people business as a property business. Agents must put themselves in front of potential clients before they can help them buy or sell a home.

As I began working as a licensed real estate agent and Realtor in 2014, I was blessed with excellent mentors and colleagues who taught me real estate from the ground up. I spent the following four years as a full-time vacation rental manager and property manager as well as a licensed agent. Not only did I learn how to buy, sell, manage, and rent residential and multi-family real estate properties successfully, but also just how critical the role of marketing and branding is to the success of an individual agent.

In 2018, I felt the pull to step back from the day-to-day grind of property management as I realized there was a need to approach residential real estate differently. Owners or buyers should not have to choose from a standardized list of services as everyone’s financial situation is unique. Rather, clients deserve not only a holistic and personalized approach to their unique real estate goals, but also access to the tools, knowledge and resources to best leverage real estate for their own benefit. This is where the idea of pairing residential sales with real estate consulting all began.

As my wife Lillie and I began to set the foundations of a real estate sales and consulting business, developing the mission and values of our business were of the utmost importance. Through the varying ups and downs of life, we had learned that placing the weight of success solely in our own accomplishments and knowledge was a losing bet. We knew our faith in the One who has given us our abilities, opportunities, and drive had to be our foundation. Our primary mission is to seek God’s will in business and impact lives through honest and relational real estate.

From what I had learned about successful agents in the past, I knew the natural first step would have been to create a Facebook page entitled: “Scott Westfall: Licensed Realtor and Real Estate Consultant” and continue to market myself and my services. However, this type of self-promotion felt like it wasn’t quite in line with what we wanted our mission to be for this business. After much prayer, deliberation and thought, we landed on CGP Real Estate Consulting.

CGP stands for Confidence in God’s Providence. While striving for excellence and success in real estate, we remain committed to living out an honorable mission full of confidence that God is in control and all that we do is for His glory. This confidence gives us the freedom and joy to serve our clients with CGP’s mission of providing market-leading sales and consulting services with family values, transparency and honest conversations to guide you into fully-informed decisions regarding your current or future Hampton Roads real estate investment.

I am confident that the Lord has called me to serve Him today through residential real estate in Hampton Roads. So if you meet with me or another member of the CGP family to buy, rent, or sell a property, I hope that you know you are valued, and that it is a privilege to serve you and your family with excellence and integrity.

The Bottom Line

CGP equals Confidence in God’s Providence. At CGP, we work to give God glory through our daily interactions and relationships with our clients. “For everything comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for His glory. All glory to Him forever! Amen.” (Romans 11:36).

To learn more about Scott Westfall’s story and background in residential real estate, check out CGP’s website.

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